The way to trade

Der Weg zum Erfolg beitrag

The key to success is discipline. It requires a disciplined and routine approach. It should be process-orientated. Not a game of chance in which you hope for results. Because: hope dies last… – but it dies… So: planned action, with the knowledge that the statistics are on our side. The trading plan is an important […]

Correlation in the markets


Wenn wir über Risikomanagement und -streuung sprechen, müssen wir uns auch immer über das Thema Korrelation unterhalten. Doch was ist Korrelation, und wie nutzen wir sie für uns, bzw. so, dass sie uns nicht gefährlich werden kann? Nun, dazu müssen wir erstmal klären, was Korrelation beim Trading in general means that most people have heard […]

World of Trading 2022


On 30 September and 1 October 2022, after a two-year COVID break, the largest trade fair for trading and investment took place again in Frankfurt as a face-to-face event in the Forum of Messe Frankfurt. The trade fair was well attended and the trade fair participants were able to find out about the exhibitors’ offers […]

The Trader-Trilemma

Trilemma Q

Have you ever heard of the trader’s trilemma? I’m going to assume “NO!”. This neologism comes from us, derived from the dilemma -> situation in which you are forced to choose between two equally [unpleasant] things, but with the addition of another problem. Many people who start trading are out to make a quick profit, […]

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